What is Mixitini Matrix?

Mixitini – noun. 1. a portmanteau word intended to suggest spirited concoction.  2. a spirited concoction of diminutive proportions.
Matrix – noun. 1. the birthplace of spirited concoction. 2. stuff that dreams are made of. 3. a place where something grows.
Collaboration – noun 1. the state of being in cahoots with. 2. serendipity.

Mixitini Matrix is a multigenre, multidisciplinary journal of creative collaboration. Right now we aim to publish at least twice per year, fall/winter and spring/summer. We’re seeking fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art created by two or more people, or works offering perspectives on the process of creative collaboration.

So, what has Mixitini Matrix published so far?

Check out our past issues! Past Mixitinis

Whose work do you publish?

Yours, maybe, if you submit it and if we like it.

How can I submit my work?

First, check out our submission guidelines. Then, use our submissions manager to send us your stuff.

How much does your magazine pay writers and artists?

Nothing. Zip. Zilch. At least for now. If it makes you feel better, the editors aren’t getting paid either.

Who owns my stuff after you publish it?

We reserve first electronic serial rights to publish your work. After that, you are in charge.

Just who do you think you are?

Our collaborators include:

  • Leslie LaChance – Editor & Publisher
  • Mattie Davenport – Managing Editor
  • Jeff Wilkerson – Design and Development
  • Brittney Reed – Assistant Editor
  • Kate Hein – Assistant Editor
  • Ryan Bomar — Assistant Editor (Spring 2012)
  • David Whitsell — Assistant Editor (Fall 2012)

Need to contact us? Send an email to leslie@mixitinimatrix.org or Mixitini.Matrix@gmail.com