Volume 1, Issue 1

About the Cover Art

Time & Space 1,2,3 by Dorothee Lang and Julia Davies

This summer, the 100 Days Project (http://onehundreddays.net/ ) gathered artist and writers in a creative joint effort to make, remake, shape and reshape, inspired by other participants. Both Dorothee Lang and Julia Davies participated in the project, and based some of their works on the other's days. After the 100 Days ended, the spark of creative inspiration moved on between them, leading to the Time Space series.

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From the Editors

Welcome to the very first issue of Mixitini Matrix: A Journal of Creative Collaboration. This little e-zine has been in the virtual cocktail shaker for just a bit now, [more] so we're glad to see the project spill its way out into the world at last.  Our debut issue offers an eccentric assemblage of work from both emerging and established artists and writers, all of whom address the concept of collaboration in some way, with "collaboration" being broadly defined.  At Mixitini Matrix, we seek to give voice to the notion that, ultimately, we're all in cahoots, whether or not we mean to be.  And so, we offer serendipity, sources, translations, conversations, stories, poems, and pictures to suggest that you don't have to do this all by yourself.

Table of Contents

About the Authors and Artists
A Blip on the Road to Paradise
By Marilyn Kallet
Play Dante For Me
By Marilyn Kallet
To Josh, Michael, and Especially Will
By Joe Kendrick
Starlings and Seeds
By Rachel Joiner
Wordsworth’s Foreshadowing
By Rachel Joiner
Dancing to the Words, or How We Quit Rehearsing and Learned to Love the Apocalypso Groove
By Jack Rentfro
By William Henderson
River Songs
By Laura Still
The Three Friends Every Writer Needs
By JeFF Stumpo
The Accidental Graphic Novelist
By Leonardo Ramirez
What Goes Around
By Clint Alexander
In the Plaster
By Henri Michaux, tr. Darren Jackson
Dual Passage, Sand Sky & Camel Road
By Dorothee Lang, Steve Wing
That Look and Chickamauga Hog
By Brian Griffin, Wayne White