A Blip on the Road to Paradise

Dante and Beatrice are bickering
something about clamshells on the dining table     he says it’s French
she says it’s disgusting

she’s not polite
about the limp salad
I’m not impressed, she says, she’s not the one paying

a little less heavenly she’d be boring
little less River of Heaven in her hair

all smarmy and Pro Life
spare me
a little less drop-dead-gorgeous she’d be

you can’t look at her and not think God
that was the plan, mates

make your peace with beauty
Dante’s taken
so are you

don’t leave your carcasses on the table
you can’t stop beauty
or even slow it down

You want to bury Beatrice
                                 there’s always more her
men who buy in

Become Dante ?
So not-easy
still      the road to heaven      beckons

hell looks good too
buy your ticket, Suckers,
                                    before the lady’s Big Top folds.