Dual Passage, Sand Sky & Camel Road


Dual Passage is the first video work in the 2 Layers series, a poetic exploration of joined images and words in 3 sequences, an endeavor that even led to composing a fitting background melody. To make the passage easy to access, we put the film online on a testpage: dual passage: http://www.blueprint21.de/dualpassage.htm

Sand Sky

Camel Road

Note on the Collaboration

The images belong to a longer line of visual work that is based on 2 Layers: a pairing of contrasting images from different continents, merged into a single layer to show a reality disparate from any that truly exists. Yet some pairings unite global parallels, while others show distinctions between the places that form this world.

Other 2 Layers series are online at Otoliths: http://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2010/06/dorothee-lang-and-steve-wing.html and at LitnImage: http://www.litnimage.com/langwing.htm