To Josh, Michael, and Especially Will

Note on the Collaboration

This piece is dedicated to my friends who, at the time of its creation, live a life of perpetual bachelorhood. It is composed of a board backing with three salvaged door hinges. This allows the wood to swing and alludes to the term swingers, used to describe single men, women or open-minded couples who have sexual relationships with several partners. The shining ring, often with angel wings, in my vocabulary of symbolic imagery has come to describe the idea of salvation through marriage. This offers the basis for other objects or imagery found throughout the piece: the pure white satin ribbon, the mismatched silverware that many young couples own, rubber bands that are meant to hold things together, the bird seed that is thrown as celebration at weddings, brides dressed in white and sexually liberal porn stars. In this piece I simply ask the question “What are we waiting for?”