Volume 2, Issue 1

About the Cover Art

Cover Art by Lane Last

These three panels are drawn from a series that started in early 2011 entitled "Karmics: Free Admission on Tuesdays". At the present time there are more than 20 panels with new ones continually in development. The idea for the series came from a number of conversations I had while visiting/museum strolling quite anonymously in two major art centers in New York.
This was the first and one of my favorite panels. It is one that comes from a substantial amount of "real", if that is possible, conversation and I feel exhibits the rawness and fluidity of the original intent without too much drama.
"Can't afford to care"
As the panels continued to develop I realized that one could interpret the dialogue as one saw fit, as an anonymous conversation or as an inner monologue. I wanted to add this particular piece as punctuation after some very heady and poignant works of self-disclosure. Who was I talking to?
This latest panel was partially in response to or interpretation of the Mixitini Matrix theme of the “Couple’s Skate”. Relationships that are multifaceted are one of the characteristics that define our humanity. Words are of course a major component of that complexity. My gut instinct is that these bonds are also at times fictions colored by and challenged by a desire for honesty, surety in a chaotic environment. To paraphrase a twentieth century icon I can’t exactly remember (Picasso?), "a lie that becomes truth". All works copyright © 2011-2012 Lane E. Last
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From the Editors

Welcome to the Fall 2012 issue of Mixitini Matrix. We've been striving to present eclectic collections of works which expand our notions of what it means to create in collaboration with other artists and writers.   We think this issue does[more] just that.  What we've got here is a conversation, one that careens and spirals its giddy way around the room and echoes down the halls. It's multilingual, multigenre, and sometimes, well, multimeta.

Our cover art by Lane Last examines the nature of relationships and conversations, and how they shape and are shaped by perceptions of art.  Indeed many of the authors included here invoke the work of other artists and writers.  Brenda Yates comments on Joseph Cornell; Joanne Lozar Glen pays homage to Chiura Obata, and Jessy Randall has her way with Robert Rauschenberg. Outright collaborations come to us from Jessy Randall and Daniel Shapiro in response to work by Daniel Pinkwater. Cari Wade Gervin and Keith Norris collaborate on a poem that takes a cue from Andre Breton, and Lois Baer Barr and Ellen Birkett Morris create a poetic portrait of two fathers.  Jody Stokes-Casey's portraits give shape to women's ideas about shapes, and like the people in Lane Lasts' cover art, Paul Hostovsky is caught looking. Changming Yuan, in conversation with himself, gives us English self-translations of two Chinese poems. BFFs Libby Cudmore and Matthew Quinn Martin cap off our conversation with a new sort of fairytale.

We hope you enjoy this rather rowdy little party.


Table of Contents

Assemblages 1
Brenda Yates
Freedom Fries
Cari Wade Gervin and Keith S. Norris
Topaz, Utah, 1942
Joanne Lozar Glenn
Weighing In
Jody Stokes Casey
Paul Hostovsky
Jessy Randall and Daniel M. Shapiro
Two Fathers
Lois Baer Barr and Ellen Birkett Morris
Tomb Visiting: For Yuan Hongqi
Changming Yuan
Corn, Sweet Corn
Changming Yuan
Two Poems
Jessy Randall
The Real Housewives of Happily Ever After
Libby Cudmore and Matthew Quinn Martin
About The Artists and Authors Fall 2012