The Real Housewives of Happily Ever After

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Real Housewives of Happily Ever After
Season Two (Episodes 4-6) TV-14 3 ½ Stars (7)

Episode Four: Bowled Over

Sparks fly when Snow White and Rapunzel plan a double date, only to find out that they
are both dating Prince Charming. Troubled by Sleeping Beauty’s erratic schedule, the
Fairy Godmothers suspect drug abuse and stage an intervention. Meanwhile, the Dwarfs
take a day off, but when they try to get into Rip Van Winkle’s secret stash of ale, the
seven end up at a party none of them will ever forget.

Runtime: 43 min. Original Air Date: 10/10/11

Episode Five: Born this Way

Pinocchio calls Cinderella a gold-digger and says her marriage was a ratings stunt, but
TMZ’s got tape of a certain nose that might be growing. Alleged thrill-kill teens, Hansel
and Gretel, have their day in court. And after being ridiculed for cross-dressing in
grandmother’s old clothes, Big Bad finds an unlikely defender—Lady Gaga guest stars in
this very special episode.

Runtime: 44 min. Original Air Date: 10/17/11

Episode Six: Mirror Mirror

After being denied their dream apartment by an Islamophobic Co-op board, Aladdin and
Jasmine’s marriage is put to the test. Candlestick’s scathing tell-all, Be Our Guest…or
rockets to the top of the bestseller list, putting Beast square in the middle of a PR
nightmare. And The Ugly Stepsisters find their own “fairy godmother” when Project
offers them both a chance to debut their new line of haute couture—Ugly by

Runtime: 42 min. Original Air Date: 10/24/11

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No one does drama like this! I had a hard time believing it was all real…but it soooooo
is! This just proves that fairy tales can come true! I can’t wait for “ever after” keep the
episodes rolling!

Jack T. Giant

Not the best show on TV, but it beats watching beanstalks grow…barely.

Allison Wonderland

The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is because it just isn’t as good as season one.
Plus the “herbal supplements” I take made it so my TV set is small and hard to watch…at
least to me….I think. Wow…have any of you noticed that if you look at a window at the
right angle you can see outside and inside? That’s really a trip…oh and you can like see
the window too…far out!


I don’t know what the big deal about this show is. Seem like a bunch of whining spoiled
brats. If I wanted to watch sullen, unlikable girls, I’d just rent Twilight.

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