Weighing In

Note on the collaboration: This spring, Daniel Rose – good friend and artist – asked me to participate in a show that he was putting together for Dyersburg State Community College. In the initial stages of the show, Daniel mentioned that he would like to paint plus size models as a way to get away from the stick figures that are usually posted on the art modeling site that he uses. I began to do a little searching as to what exactly a “plus size” model was and got a little upset when discovering that sizes from 6-14 now constitute as ‘plus size.’ The absurdity (combined with personal pressures to stay thin) sparked my fire. I began talking about this issue with friends and co-workers and found that (no surprise here) I was not alone. In early discussions about the show with a friend, she helped to solidify an idea that was already floating around in my head: testimonies/statements and photographs from people that were willing to share their stories. As of now, there are nine participants that have been willing to contribute. I am thankful to be able to work with such amazing women on a project that I hope will spark conversation and let others know that they are not alone.