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Our cover features panels from Reservoir, a collection of modular paintings by Cindy Morefield.  To read more about the Reservoir project and to see more of the panels, check out Cindy’s essay in this issue!



Welcome to our biggest issue yet of Mixitini Matrix.  We’ve got more of everything: art, prose, poetry, multigenre pieces, translations. The work takes us around the world and down the street; it reveals collaborative and creative processes, connections, and disconnections.  Fairytales are dismantled and rebuilt, relationships tangled and untangled. Images cohere and disappear, and languages rub up against each other, their vocabularies spelling out honor, loss, and desire. Go ahead, have a look around, spend time with our digital artifacts of the shifting world; tumble in.


Table of Contents

All Night My Heart
Anita Logan-Young Adams, Ric Brooks, Donna Doyle, Bethany Good, and Rachel Belcher
Selection from Crespos: A Descolonização do Cabelo
Davi Nunes & Kana Kavon
Take Off
Kelly Nelson
Take Hold
Kelly Nelson
I remember when he showed me
Steve H. Frank
Yahrzeit, November 25, 2011
Steve H. Frank
Steve H. Frank
Memoir of Another World
Holly Day
Reservoir–An Experiment in Viewer Collaboration
Cindy Morefield
Helen Brew
Shanna Williams
Laila Shikaki
While Reading Arabic Poetry

Laila Shikaki

Oubria Tronshaw
A History of Chihuahuas
Sarah Garcia
That Damn Glass Slipper
Jennifer Grant (text) & A.G. Weeks (illustration)
The Voices
Reginald Carlisle and Lauren Crest
Warped Passage
Janet Snell (paintings) & Cheryl Snell (poems)
Translations of Nahuatl Poetry
Jaime Sanchez
Burka Sunset
Otis Kriegel and Brad Rose
Man out of time

Wendy Vardaman

His Last Supper, A Triptych on “Dining Out” by Jacob Lawrence
Wendy Vardaman
Excerpts from The Lost Boy Monologues

Wendy Vardaman

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