All Night My Heart


All night my heart makes
rhythms that keep me breathing
to wake the next dawn.

All night my heart makes
love to my soul, promising
dreams to come alive.

All night my heart makes
excuses for my brain, tugs
blankets left, then right.

All night my heart makes
steady thumping, a sign of
life, not of living

All night my heart makes
sure he’s within reach. I wake
just to move closer.

Note on the Collaboration from Donna Doyle

The poem is the result of a writing prompt generated on Random Acts of Haiku – my community Facebook page launched in June 2013.

The haiku prompt was as follows:
Let’s borrow the first line of Mary Oliver’s poem “A Thousand Mornings”.
“All night my heart makes…”
Use that line as the first line of your haiku.

Collectively, the five haiku written in response to the prompt work together as one unified piece. The stanzas are compiled chronologically. The deliberate process of creating one poem out of five haiku further heightens the effect of the collaborative process and the profound sense of community shared by the poets.