I remember when he showed me

I remember when he showed me the saw Uncle Joe gave him. I took it out the other day. The carved wood grip looks like his hands – he had that olive skin.

Found someone on the internet who knows how to straighten out the bends in the old high quality hand saws. Someone wrote in and said they had trouble with the grip: he wasn’t using it right.
I always did. Just like he showed me.

Finger pointed to where you’re going
keeps it steady
and saws straight. It’s a pleasure. That’s the way to work.

Then tonight he was on my mind on my mind.
I then realized it’s around the time of his birthday. I never remember the day. Or if I do, I’m not
sure of it.

Took one of the instruments out of its case
and watched my hands play the song we used to sing. And played other.