That Damn Glass Slipper

Why did I listen to that grey haired hag who thrust a wand in my face? Bippedy-boppedy-boo
made a mess of my life. Now I’m crouched in the attic, hiding from the king’s men. I
told that royal pain I had time for one dance. Didn’t even divulge my name. Still, he
scours the land with glass slipper in hand, searching for his elusive blonde bride. I’m
happy here scribbling short stories, speaking and singing to various varmints. Why would
I want any man saving me from my own imagination?

damn glass slipper






















Note on the Collaboration
We admire strong women. We like to think we ARE strong women. We also love fantastical tales. But, our version of happily ever after is not exactly like the old fairytales. Whose really is? We women need to believe in ourselves and connect with those who build us up, not tear us down. We first collaborated five years ago on a book called
Two If By Sea (a romantic suspense/adventure) based on female pirates who actually sailed the Caribbean. These tales are a little different. We wanted to laugh at ourselves as well as the silliness involved in a woman’s journey of finding ‘the one’ as well as realizing her ‘true self’.