Volume 1 Issue 2

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Cleaning Up The Town

Boat Mama

The action of the Sanitation Department to clean up all the fallen confetti in Times Square was caught at three o'clock in the morning after all the revelers have moved to warmer locations. It was below 20 degrees that morning. I called this image: Cleaning Up The Town.

In the color image, the mother and her children were unaware of being photographed though I was right in front of them on my knees. The location is one of the mid-sixties Staten Island Ferries that have been replaced by less charming nautical rides. It was just a coincidence that this photo was taken on a test roll of film for a camera I would gift my own mom for Mother's Day.

And of course, Times Square at dawn on the last year of the decade and the clock shows the exact time of sunrise in two clocks. One digital and one analog. What appealed to me about the image is that all of the architecture and the relationship of buildings to the streets makes this a fantastically busy photograph though not a soul was in sight for a few blocks. Because the barricades have not been removed yet for the earlier crowd control, it was a surreal scene that allowed a feeling of solitude in a very hectic and well populated historical spot that keeps making history year after year.

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From the Editors

It's late spring, almost summer, and at the turn of the season, we're glad to be bringing you our new issue of Mixitini Matrix at last.[more] This issue features quite a few pieces created in response to other works of art or to the process of making art, including ekphrastic poems by Jo Angela Edwins, Neil Ellman, Jen Hyatt, Audell Shelburne and Katherine Smith. We've got several collaborative poems to offer as well, one written for three voices by Scott Carter, Colleen O'Brien and Mary Stebbins Taitt, three written via email exchanges by Debby Geis and her collaborators John Grayson and Karen Wurl, and another one by Marilyn Kallet (whose work appeared in our first issue as well) and Tom Weiss. We're also excited to have work by French poet Chantal Bizzini, translated by Marilyn Kallet. And what magazine of creative collaboration would be complete without some pieces about hooking up (sort of), like the ones here by Stephen Outten and Misty Dunlap. Finally, we are pleased to include photos by Chana Bird and John Dominic Barbarino, and art by Mary Stebbins Taitt. We hope you enjoy these latest Mixitini concoctions.

Table of Contents

Wagering an Egg
By Stephen M. Outten
The Erotic Breakfast
By Scott Carter, Colleen O'Brien, Mary Stebbins Taitt
The Short Pose
By Katherine Smith
By Katherine Smith
Poem by Jo Angela Edwins with photograph by Chana Bird
Cattails in Wind
Poem by Jo Angela Edwins with photograph by Chana Bird
Primeval Wall: (“A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.”)
By Neil Ellman
Study for Homage to the Square: Late Sound
By Neil Ellman
Charing Cross Bridge
By Jen Hyatt
War-Time Christmas, 1917
Canyon, Texas
By Audell Shelburne
La Coupe Obscure
By Chantal Bizzini, Translation by Marilyn Kallet
Three Poems
By Debby Geis, John David Grayson, Karen Wurl
Almost Human
By Marilyn Kallet and Tom Weiss
Monroe and Archer
By Misty Dunlap
About the Artists and Authors Spring 2012