From the Editors

About the Cover

Our cover features the work A Murder of Crows, by artist Sabrina Bland.  The piece is is a combination of different art forms- modern zentangles and a representation of Bland's Indian heritage totem. Two other pieces by Bland, Tango 1 and Tango 2 appear in this issue as well.


We're excited to finally bring you this issue of Mixitini Matrix after a bit of a hiatus and some extra good shaking. This issue is packed with compelling and gorgeous images, both in words and pictures.  We're pleased to present a selection of intimate apparel, a collection of ekphrastics, translations from Gujarati, some collage, conversations, observations, and multiple, multi-genre collaborations. So, shake up a tasty something of your own, and sample ours. Cheers!

Table of Contents

Throw Like a Girl
Rachel Simon
Living the Dream
Rachel Simon
Excerpts from Bruised Hearts
Sebastian Matthews, Marie Harris, Charter Weeks
Marlon Oliveira
Beau Boudreaux
A Part of You
Larry Blazek
Carl Palmer
Tango 1 & Tango 2
Sabrina Bland
“When You’re Bored = Make a Book”: A Collaborative Conversation
Sally Deskin and Laura Madeline Wiseman
Gaze & Julie and Mary in the Twilight Forest
Mary Stebbins Tate and Julie Levy
Why Birds Hit Windows
Michael Kreisel and Cathryn Cofell
The Cycle of the Seasons
Bharat Trivedi and Mira Desai
Bharat Trivedi and Mira Desai
Psyche (Berthe Morisot, 1876)
Catherine Moore
Constable’s Brighton
Jennifer Hyatt
American Master
Laura Lee Washburn
21st Century Sampler
Laura Lee Washburn
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Woolf? On Edward Albee
Jacqueline Doyle
About the Authors and Artists for Spring/Summer 2014