Gaze & Julie and Mary in the Twilight Forest

Together into the night we walk to watch the moon sail,
golden, on a black cloud, alternately embraced and released
by curved strips of dark cloud that change shape, become wings,
until, along the expanding edge of darkness, under
the newly lit stars, a bird-cloud carries piggyback
a radiant incandescent egg. We breathe in and breathe out,
hold tight and let go. As the bird-cloud rises, the glowing egg
becomes the bright eye of a giant bird head. It stares down at us, mere wisps
on this path, dwarfed by the long beak, lit by the luminous stare.


Note on the Collaboration
The above image, intended to accompany the poem, “Gaze,” is a collage on an acrylic painting repainted with acrylics. Julie sent a photograph of herself to Mary, and Mary combined it with one of herself and a painting of hers. The painting represents the collaborative process between friends. Julie Levy and Mary Stebbins Taitt